8 Signs You May Be Suffering TribeFest Withdrawal

#8     You keep checking the TribeFest hashtag on Twitter and are sad that the steady stream of tweets have come to a halt. (Or you finally realize that you really need to get on Twitter and stop wasting your life away without it.)

#7     It’s 7:00 pm and you’re trying to figure out where tonight’s Mash-Up is.

#6     You are hungry, because the food at TribeFest wasn’t exactly copious.

#5    People suddenly expect you to pay for your cocktails. What’s that all about?

#4     After learning at this morning’s session on the delegitimization of Israel, that Rav Imanuel Ravad survived the 1929 Hebron Massacre you’ve developed a respect for the really old Chabad dude pushing mikvah-will save-the world literature. He tolerates extremely loud parties and a lot of awkward stares dedicating his life to perpetuating the ritual of Mikvah. If those of us, 50-60 years his junior, can harness our passions and energy the way he does, think of what we could accomplish!

#3    You’ve added new words like Gonzo Judaism,  Punk Jews and Jewlicious to your vocabulary, and you can’t wait to get the Yemen Blues CD. No one else knows what you are talking about but you sound really cutting edge.

#2    You wish you’d won the free YLD Summer Mission to Israel lottery.

#1     You can’t wait for the next TribeFest!

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~ by Jackie Menter on March 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “8 Signs You May Be Suffering TribeFest Withdrawal”

  1. […] Tachlis – 8 signs you may be suffering from Tribefest withdrawl […]

  2. I think it’s also worth noting that whilst the #tribefest tweets have slowed, they haven’t stopped…

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